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We might not be able to offer you a loan ourselves, but believe us, if we could we would. Since we don’t offer loans ourselves, we’ll make sure we’re able to link you up with a personal loan provider who can offer you the quick cash loan you need. We’re committed to helping every single applicant find the loan to suit them – so much so that we won’t stop until we try and find lenders for anyone who is seeking accessible finance.

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We welcome everyone who meets our criteria:

To be eligible for a loan you must:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Receive your income into a personal bank account
  • Have received the required income for 90 days or more
  • Be an Australian resident OR have permanent residency
  • Have a direct contact number
  • We are able to find loans for bad credit, cash advance loans, loans for unemployed Australians and unsecured personal loans, too.
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Need money now?

We know that when you need quick loans, you don’t have time to sift through lists of loan providers, let alone sit on the phone with each of them to determine which provider is right for you, if they are even able to provide you with a loan.

That’s why we’re here – to take the stress of applying for cash loans online out of the way. One form, one lender-finder and a loan provider to meet your needs. Try it out for yourself here.

No loan? No problem.

There’s no charge for applying. If you don’t qualify for your loan or decide you don’t need it after all, there’s no fee. Nothing. Nada. Not a single cent.

We meant it when we said we’re just here to help you find a loan.

How It Works

Simply put, we find loans.

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We are 100% online

We match applicants like you up with credit providers that could offer you the finance you need in a short-term personal loan.

Since we only partner with responsible lenders, they’ll conduct an assessment to make sure that you’re suitable for the loan products on offer, and that you are able to pay it back over a reasonable period without missing any payments.

How We Work

We Find Loans is your go-to for all the little loans in life. From bond loans to loans for unemployed Australians and even loans for bad credit, you can bet on us being able to find a personal loan credit provider for you.

We’re essentially your gateway to the personal loan market. Submit an application with us and we’ll send it off through our neat network to find you a single small loan provider.

  • Less calls
  • Less admin
  • Less searching
  • Just a quick loan when you need it most.

Just a quick loan when you need it most.

When we say our lenders, we mean the lenders we link you up with. If you meet these requirements you can go ahead and apply on this form. It’s just a few questions and won’t take more than a few minutes.

Wait! Before you rush off to apply for your secured or unsecured personal loan online, make sure you take a look at how much personal loans cost.

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Lots of happy customers and plenty of quick applications.

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Our Mission

Loans. Lots and lots of loans. We want to make sure that more people have access to the loans they need and that their financial stress isn’t added to with lengthy application processes.

Our Promise

One form. One application. One loan provider that can offer you the funds that you need – that’s our promise to you.

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Have a question? Get in touch with our team right here.

What you get

Apart from getting the money you need, when you need it, and a pocket guide to the world of personal loans, you’ll also be able to enjoy:

  • Fast outcomes and fast payment – Most applicants get the answer they need within minutes.
  • 100% online applications – You’ll be able to finish the whole application process from the comfort of your own home or place of work – no need to travel anywhere to submit documents or sign on dotted lines.
  • Data security – We don’t pass your details along to every credit provider, only the one we think will be able to approve your personal loan application. You’ll want to make sure you check their terms and conditions to make sure your information is secure with them, too.

What you don't get

Our suggestions are not advice.

We provide a gateway to personal loans in all formats, but we don’t provide loans ourselves or recommend that you go with the provider we link you up with. Our suggestions are just that – suggestions. You’ll want to chat to your financial advisors, planners, bankers or lawyers if you need advice, and make sure you do some research yourself.

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